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Next Generation Update

Next Generation Ministries recently brought a Ugandan musician to the US to raise awareness, visit supporters, and raise money for his new ministry. While in America he even got to ride a Waldon!

Jeff Kasigwa was one of the fortunate Ugandans who was granted a two year visa to the United States.  Many apply.  Precious few are chosen.

Jeff arrived in Oregon equipped with his CD and an imagination of what life would be like for him in America. He discovered that raccoon in Mississippi was delicious, but shrimp in California was definitely NOT his food. He was willing to take nearly any risk of new adventures, but declined Don Neufeld's invitation for an airplane ride in a four seat Cessna.  He saw a lot of beautiful country and enjoyed the travel and variety that life offered in so many places.  He began new relationships and built seasoned ones.  And, Jeff has discovered that life in Uganda is simple compared to the options and demands of life in America.

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Village Schools Update


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 September 11, 2013 


There had been no question in our minds that Justin was the right person to send.  He has served faithfully for many years and the odds were poor that he would abandon the work and leave us in an embarrassing lurch.  He has a gift for being able to draw out the best in individuals and to inspire crowds of people to go beyond themselves to achieve great things.  And his successes over these past 7 years are indeed numerous – among those who serve in Village Schools, he is almost legendary. Read More... 

September 10, 2013

Adorable, smiling, five year old Fatuma...  One look at this sweet child standing at my door and the whole problem came into focus: two mothers and one living child. It made me think of King Solomon.  Except I’m no King Solomon. Read more...

Good Shepard Homes Update

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Streams of Mercy is a ministry that seeks to change the lives of orphans around the world. One of their projects is called "Good Shepard Homes" which provides three homes in the Mumbai area of India to provide housing for children living on the streets. Many come from work slavery or sex slavery and all receive excellent care and education because of the wonderful work being done by our friends at Streams of Mercy.

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