Product Line Overview

Our line of heavy duty loaders offers an array of size and power for any application. Three of those sizes are also assembled and sold as durable, long lasting Waldon forklifts. Each and every machine in this versatile product line is made with quality Waldon workmanship, designed and built from the ground up in the U.S. by the original compact ariculating loader manufacturer.

Waldon 4500B heavy duty articulating loader


This subcompact half-yard loader has super agile 45 degree articulated steering …

Waldon 5100 heavy duty articulating loader


This loader offers a popular 5/8 yard bucket capacity coupled with a powerful …

Waldon 6000C heavy duty articulating loader


At a standing hieght of only 7 ft. 6 1/2 in. tall the one yard capacity …

Waldon 7000 heavy duty articulating loader


With a dump clearance of 105 in. and a breakout force of 9,000 lbs the 7000 …

Waldon 8500C heavy duty articulating loader


The Model 8500C is the most compact, most powerful loader of its capacity´┐Ż…

Waldon 6000C heavy duty articulating forklift


Waldon heavy duty forklifts are designed for large capacity industrial and …

Forklift Attachments

An extensive selection of forklift attachments is available through the …

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